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AAA Credit Screening Services is a member of napbs

AAA Credit Screening Services is a member of napbs – The National Association of Professional Background Screeners providing customers with the best background checks possible with fast customer service and accurate, reliable information.  For more information visit our website at

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Best Background Check Companies 2017

AAA Credit Screening Services is happy to announce that it has been listed on Business News Daily’s Best Background Check Services 2017. AAA Credit Screening Services has provided background checks and credit reports since 1996 and strive to provide fast, reliable reports to all our business and property management customers. We provide background checks for employment screening as well as tenant screening services and have recently added contractor background checks to our vast list of services available to customers nationwide.

Welcome to the Blog for AAA Credit Screening Services

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Welcome to the AAA Credit Screening Blog at

AAA Credit Screening Services strives to keep our customers up to date with changing employment and credit reporting laws and regulations and this blog will provide our clients with the information needed to run their reports as well as useful topics about employment screening, tenant screening, credit reports and more.