Don’t Get Caught In Contractor Scams

Contractor Background Checks
Contractor Background Checks

Given all the active hurricanes this year, there has been a lot of damage to property and of course everyone wants repairs to be made as soon as possible.  Unfortunately there are scammers that want to cash in on people’s misfortune and therefor property owners will come in contact with many pop-up businesses that offer to fix everything, work with their insurance, etc.  Many of these companies are not legitimate businesses and will file claims against your insurance for work they didn’t even do, and when a property owner files a claim for actual work done, the insurance won’t pay out.  It is imperative that you only do business with legitimate companies and contractors that will not scam property owners out of their insurance money.  Running contractor background checks can assist with this matter.  Criminal Records run on individuals and business license checks and business credit checks run on contractor businesses can assist property owners in making informed decisions before allowing repairs to be made on their properties.  AAA Credit Screening Services has been in business since 1996 and can run these reports and more!

So-Called “Free” Background Screening

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Free Background Checks Are Not Free

When looking for a background screening service on any given search engine, what comes up time and time again in your search are the advertisements for so-called “free” background checks. This begs the question: why pay a background screening company, such as AAA Credit Screening, for their services, when you could simply pull a free report off of one of these websites? Listing their services as free and easy to use, wherein you can initiate a full search right off the homepage, these websites make it seem like a background check is just a simple click away!

Things that aren’t specified on the “free” background screening websites? What is actually included their “background checks.” Often, “background check” is a vague, catch-all term used by these companies; it is a term that often doesn’t even specify what the scope or purpose of a search is before you conduct it. It could be anything, from a public records search to a motor vehicle report, a county criminal report to a bankruptcy search. This can be confusing to anyone who needs a report for a specific purpose, such as to verify that an applicant does not have a criminal record, nationwide.

A second troubling aspect of these “free” services is their dishonest nature. The majority of these websites will allow a search to be initiated for free, show that there are records associated with an individual’s name, and then, upon trying to obtain more information, will prompt the user to pay money for the full report, which would show any actually relevant or necessary details. These details can be especially important to criminal reporting, such as whether the crime committed was driving 5 MPH over the speed limit or if it was armed robbery, whether the offender’s name was Jon J. Smith or John P. Schmidt, or whether the offender was found guilty or the case was dismissed.

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When Ordering A Background Check, How Far Back Will It Go?

If you are requesting a criminal record report for a prospective employee, you may wonder how far back the report that you will receive can go.  If you are using a consumer reporting agency such as AAA Credit Screening Services, then the answer is 7 years.  To comply with the laws of most states or counties, we provide background checks going back 7 years.
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Consumer reporting agencies are governed by the

Fair Credit Reporting Act and the laws of the states and counties as to how far back they can report.  The limit is usually between 7 and 10 years, which should give you a good understanding of the applicant’s recent criminal history while complying with the guidelines for consumer protection.

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AAA Credit Screening Services is a member of napbs

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AAA Credit Screening Featured Business News Daily

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Best Background Check Companies 2017

AAA Credit Screening Services is happy to announce that it has been listed on Business News Daily’s Best Background Check Services 2017. AAA Credit Screening Services has provided background checks and credit reports since 1996 and strive to provide fast, reliable reports to all our business and property management customers. We provide background checks for employment screening as well as tenant screening services and have recently added contractor background checks to our vast list of services available to customers nationwide.

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